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TEP Requirements

As part of the Teaching Excellence Program at Humber College we are required to complete a series of projects:

Educational Project

For this project I will be working with some fellow faculty while we redesign curriculum for three of our programs:

We are redesigning the curriculum for two primary reasons: a) to update the content as technology changes; and b) to implement a Common Platform. Related programs have a common first and/or second semester to give students additional time to decide on their career path.

Resources: Educational Project PDF Poster PDF Interactive and Design Common Platform

Leadership Initiative

I helped organize a series of Introduction to Coding sessions, with Youth Enrichment at Humber, designed to introduce youth to coding.

Resources: Leadership Scholarship PDF Youth Enrichment at Humber

Individual Learning Plan

We are also required to consider our values and use of technology in the classroom and make a plan on how we will continue to improve the learning experience.

As a coding instructor, intergrating technology in the classroom is important and probably more appropriate than most other topics.

Resources: Individual Learning Plan PDF Technology in the Classroom

Classroom Observations

As part of the Humber College TEP program we are given a chance to observe fellow instructors in class:

Classroom Observation - Fall 2016

In the winter of 2016 semester I observed classes taught by George Paravantes (program coordinator of User Experience Design) and Marcin Kedzior (professor with the School of Applied Technology).

Observing Marcin's class was one of my primary inspirations for integrating tangible elements into my introduction to coding classes.

Resources: Observation Report

Classroom Observation - Winter 2017

In the winter of 2017 semester I observed classes taught by Umer Noor (program coordinator of Game Programming) and Leonhard Lechner (professor with the School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism).

After observing Umer's utilization of Humber's Peer Assisted Learning Support, I have invited many in-class student peer tutors into my own classes.

Resources: Observation Report