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Technology in the Classroom

I believe that technology can be used to vastly improve student engagement and learning. However, technology should be never be used for technology sake.

Below are a list of technologies I have successfully integrated into my classroom:

Nebula Capsule

Resources: Nebula Capsule Anker Humber Hives
Date: Winter Semester 2018


Resources: Arduino
Date: Winter Semester 2018

Raspberry Pi

Resources: Raspberry Pi Brick Pi
Date: Winter Semester 2018


Resources: Scratch
Date: Winter Semester 2018

LEGO® Mindstroms EV3 and Dexture BrickPi

Resources: LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 ev3dev Dexture BrickPi
Date: Fall Semester 2016

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Resources: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
Date: Fall Semester 2016


Resources: Kahoot!
Date: Fall Semester 2015

Blackboard LMS

In the Winter semester of 2015, I made the commitment to fully embrace the colleges Learning Management System (LMS), we use Blackboard. Up until this point I used the LMS as a glorified file sharing tool to share course outlines, slide decks, code samples, and files used in class.

The user interface of our version of the Blackbaord admin is not fantastic. If I had to guess, I would guess that the user interface was designed by a programmer (not usually a great idea). However, the features it offers are very powerful. I have integrated many of the tools Blackboard offers:

I have become a strong advocate for Blackbaord within my school and plan on growing the list of Blackbaord tools utilized.

Resources: Blackboard
Date: Winter Semester 2015